About us


In March 2015, Alex Bammerlin quit his job in order to follow the dream of his own escape game. Shortly after, in the summer of 2015, the opening of today’s classic “Escape from Bâlecatraz” was celebrated. The dream was fulfilled. Countless groups have rejoiced at the story of Walter Skeddadle’s escape and followed him out of the most notorious prison in town.

But at Nauenstrasse 67, we do not rest on our laurels. Soon the next room was being planned. The idea came quickly: Indy Jones needs help, the ancient temple is about to collapse, but the gold needs to be saved before that happens. So, the team around Alex started working out the story, designing the room and in Summer 2016 the first players were welcomed.

But that was not all: to top it all off, a third room was needed. So, the story of the medieval alchemists of Basel (also known as Bâlechemists) was written. This time the mission is to find the secret formula for creating gold in the old lab, but Balechemir, Keeper of Secrets, wants to prevent that.This room was successfully opened in the Summer of 2017.

Everyone who is familiar with Breakout Basel or Alex as a person knows, however, that this is by far not enough. Aside from the three rooms, Breakout Basel also offers two outdoor adventures. Magic Portal, which has been available since Fall 2016, and Operation Mindfall, which was launched a year later, let you discover Basel from its other side and experience an exciting adventure at the same time.

Our Mission

Breakout Basel is more than just a provider of live escape games. We want you to have fun, escape the hectic everyday life and get to know another better. No matter if young or old, with family, friends or work colleagues, as an expert or beginner - we offer an unforgettable event. Our hosts are always working hard to make your event unique, and we also offer the possibility of personalizing the game. This way, every adventure can be adapted individually for you.

Bild von Alex Bammerlin, dem Inhaber und Gründer von Breakout Basel

Alex Bammerlin - Founder and Owner

Our Hosts

Brigitte und Samuel