Experience Renewable Energy

Blackout by Breakout

The headquaters: In the begining everything seems harmless. You are on a tour of the new IWB headquarters for renewable energies. But something bad is about to happen.

The attack: A hacker attack has loaded a highly complex virus into the control center. He threatens to shut down the whole system.

Your mission: It is entirely in your hands to eliminate the virus. Because not only the headquarters of the IWB is threatened, but the power grid of all of Europe is on the verge of absolute catastrophe.

Blackout – the very special experience

Together with IWB, we decided to turn renewable energies into an experience. This escape room would not have been possible to build without our sponsors SBB and kantonale Stadtentwicklung. With the support of other sponsors and partners, this game has become unique and beats all superlatives! With over 100 square meters, it is the largest escape room in the region. It is completely digitized, the smart technology links over 400 data points to control the room from the outside. Don’t miss out this adventure!

© Foto: Timo Orubolo, IWB


Blackout at Smart City Areal

The Escape Room Blackout by Breakout Basel is located St. Jakobstrasse 200 im Smart City Areal