Become secret agents and rescue Basel!

Operation Mindfall – The Game

THE MISSION: Spider Technologies has developed a virus which has already infected 20% of the world’s population. As agents of the organisation W.I.S.E you are sent off to prevent the catastrophe. The virus is taken in through the groundwater and attacks the human brain. That way, any acts of the infected person can be influenced. Save humanity from this dangerous virus!

THE PROCEDURE: Inside the headquarters of W.I.S.E (also called Breakout Basel) you will get the necessary equipment and information. Afterwards, you will head out into the streets of Basel to destroy the evil virus.

THE DUEL: This adventure as well has the option of competing against each other. Compare yourself with your friends and find out who the best agents are! Up to 40 players simultaneously possible.

Customize your adventure!

Breakout Basel is the only provider to offer the opportunity to customize your escape to meet your wishes. During the booking process you can change the difficulty and even add a special personalized riddle for a birthday or bachelor/ette party.
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