Opening in August! Can you break out of our new prison?

Welcome to the new prison of Bâlecatraz! 

After many escape attempts, the security measures have been drastically reinforced. To break free, you need help from inside. One of your fellow inmates has incited a riot in the prison, and now it’s up to you: Follow the hints and as a team, accomplish the escape!

Work together and break out!

Boris, a master of survival in the obscurest corners of Bâlecatraz, will do everything to keep the path clear for you and support you from his cell. But be careful: time is running out! The guards have already called for reinforcements, and you only have 60 minutes left! Only as a team can you solve the tricky puzzles and find your way to freedom.

Opening on 2nd of August 2023

Experience the brand-new escape room adventure “Bâecatraz: The Riot” with puzzle fun and entertainment for teams of up to 6 people. Book an unforgettable adventure now!

Customize your adventure!

Breakout Basel is the only provider to offer the opportunity to customize your escape to meet your wishes. During the booking process you can change the difficulty and even add a special personalized riddle for a birthday or bachelor/ette party.
Do you want to make an event out of your booking? We can help you with organizing your private party or evenacorporate event.

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