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Our Adventures

Familie im Escape Room Baleteken

Escape Rooms 

You find yourself locked in a room with only one hour to get out (an emergency door is of course always open). Find and solve all of the riddles successfully in order to escape. There are five different escape rooms to choose from.

What do we need to do?

Gather objects, identify clues and solve riddles in order to escape. Good teamwork is essential, so communicate and collaborate well! Other than that, perceptiveness, logic and joy are key! (Pun intended)

iPad Schnitzeljagd in Basel

iPad-Scavenger Hunts

Watch as the whole city becomes an Escape Room! The witty riddles will make even long known places appear in a new light. The iPad is an important companion: it explains your mission to you and helps you to navigate through the city.

What do we need to do?

Come and get your equipment and then head out into the city. The iPad will show you where to go. If you manage to solve the riddles and be back in time, the world is saved! You can choose from three different scavenger hunts and a myriad of route options.


Escape Rooms

  • Bâlecatraz – The Riot
  • Bâleteken – Raiders of the Lost Gold
  • Bâlechemisten – Illuminaturi
  • Blackout – Renewable Energies

2 People CHF 95
3 People CHF 125
4 People CHF 145
5 People CHF 165
6 People CHF 185

7 People CHF 205*

*Only available per request

Blackout also suitable for up to 12 players. Price for 7 to 12 persons = CHF 33 per person.

Specials starting at + CHF 35

Personalised riddles for birthdays, bachelor/-ette parties and more

iPad Scavenger Hunts

  • Magic Portal
  • Operation Mindfall
  • Blackout

1-2 hour game:

2 People CHF 95
3 People CHF 125
4 People CHF 145
5 People CHF 165
6 People CHF 185

7 People CHF 205

8+ People CHF 29 per Person

3 hour game:

+ CHF 6 per Person

Specials starting at + CHF 35

Personalised riddles for birthdays, bachelor/-ette parties and more

Special Events

  • Team Events
  • Large Events
  • Individually created games

Starting at CHF 29 per person

Specials starting at + CHF 35

We individually create the perfect event for you

The group price will be charged by credit card or PayPal at the time of booking. Any additional payments can then be made by TWINT, credit card or in cash after the event on the premises of Breakout Basel.
Prices are quoted in CHF incl. VAT (unless otherwise stated).


Set the difficulty!

Are you already seasoned Live Escape Game players or is it your first time? Are you a family or a group of students? Is your team used to working together or are you just getting to know each other?

Exclusively at Breakout Basel

As one of the only escape rooms to do so, Breakout Basel lets you choose the difficulty of the games.

Besides our average difficulty setting, we also offer the option of an easy or hard escape. For our youngest players, we have especially created the difficulty “Kids”.


Suited for 4 –6 People

Some prior Escape Room experience is of advantage, but not absolutely necessary. Escaping is tricky but doable – use all of your ressources: communicate, be creative and exact. Then, you might succeed.


Perfect for 2–3 People or Families

The conditions for an escape are good. But the game still requires a lot of you – without teamwork, you will fail.


For seasoned fans of Room Escape Games

We are expecting a lot from you! Prepare to solve riddles that are still logically sound, but much harder than usual. Escaping is possible, but only if your team is experienced and already a well-oiled machine.


Perfect for children from 8 to 12 years. Especially recommended if there is no adult in the group.

We adapt the riddles so that even our youngest customers can enjoy them. The children are supported age-appropriately and will have a successful experience.

Further Infos about the Game


An Escape Room game takes up to 1 hour. The duration of the iPad-Scevenger Hunt can bet set to 1, 2 or 3 hours. The game instructions additionally take up around 10 minutes.

No need to arrive early: just arrive at the booked time. After the welcome and the game explanation, you start the game. Your time starts to run from this point.


Our Escape Rooms are language neutral. Our game masters speak German, English and a little French. Our iPad-Scavenger hunts can only be played in German or English.

Number of Participants 

2-6 people can play in each escape room. There are various possible combinations for larger groups. We do not recommend playing with seven people due to the limited space available and the difficulty of communication within the team.
An exception is the game “Blackout – Renewable Energies“, where up to 12 people can play at the same time (from 7 people, however, they will be split into two smaller teams shortly after the start)

Per iPad, 2-6 People can play. If you are more people, we will give you more iPads. You can decide on-site if you want to walk together or play against each other.

We charge for the number of people stated at the time of booking. There is no entitlement to a refund if you arrive with fewer people.

Age Restrictions 

You can never be too old for an Escape Room or an iPad Scavenger Hunt. Everybody, from the grandchild to the grandparents is welcome. However, we have set the minimum Age at 8 years. For children aged 8 – 12, the recommened difficulty setting is “children”. The scavenger hunts require an adult person to accompany groups of children.


Crutches: There are no obstacles that can’t be overcome, even with crutches.

Wheelchair: Our only room tha is also suitable for wheelchairs will be “Blackout – Renewable Engeries” If you tell us in the booking process, we can prepare a wheelchair-friendly scavenger hunt route for you.

How to get to us 


Nauenstrasse 67
We do not have any parking spots at our location. Nearby, there is the Centralbahnparking at the Bahnhof SBB (expensive). The car parks «Aeschen» und «Bahnhof Süd» are cheaper, but farther away. It’s rather difficult to find a parking spot in the district streets.
Steinenvorstadt 13
Ther is a pakring at Heuwaage or near Kunstmuseum
St. Jakob-Strasse 200
There are view parking spots on the area but access is limited (no access weekends and after 18:00h) You can park on the opposite site near Prodega (under the highway bridge)

Public Transport

The locations Nauenstrasse and Steinenvorstadt are close to public transport. For St. Jakobstrasse a 10 minute walk will be required. 

About the Booking

Spontaneous bookings

It is absolutely necessary to book the game in advance. Online, this can be done up to 24 hours before. If you want to come by on a shorter notice, please call us and we will see if there’s a spot left for you.

Cancelling or postponing a booking

Cancellation 72 hours before the appointment: You can reschedule your appointment without incurring any costs
If you cancel your booking, we will refund the amount you have already paid in the form of a voucher or credit. You can use this for future adventures with us. However, a processing fee of CHF 50 will be charged.

Cancellation within 72 hours: Unfortunately, we are unable to offer refunds for cancellations received less than 72 hours before the scheduled date. We reserve your puzzle time exclusively for you and may therefore have declined other bookings. In addition, we have already organised a game leader for you.