A cheeeeesy adventure through Basel!

Earn your cheese foundue!

Hey, cheese lover! Are you ready for an adventure that will tickle your senses and tantalize your palate? Then let us send you on a melting journey through our city.

Cheesy adventure at every turn

Our iPad scavenger hunt will take you and your friends through the most charming corners of our city. But that’s not all – tricky puzzles await along the way that only true cheese connoisseurs can crack. Well, at least it’s a small advantage if you’ve enjoyed cheese before.

Discover the secrets of cheese

Whether you’re a cheese pro or a novice, our puzzles will keep you guessing. Find out which cheese goes with which clue and which cheese master you really are. There’s nothing better than learning about cheese during a scavenger hunt, is there?

The big cheese fondue finale

But the best is yet to come: at the end of the scavenger hunt, you deserve a delicious cheese fondue! We’ll invite you and your group to a festive feast where you can wallow in melted cheese. It’s a delicious end to a cheese-filled adventure!

So, what are you waiting for? Grab your friends, your appetite, and your iPad, and get ready to experience the city in a whole new cheesy way. The cheese scavenger hunt is waiting for you!

In co-opration with Antikenmuseum Basel

– the scavenger hunt will need about 90 minutes
– CHF 79 per person for the game and 1 Portion cheese fonude and from 3 persons (2 persons = CHF 162)
– CHF 106 per person for the game and Fondue à discretion in a menue and from 3 persons (2 persons = CHF 216)