An adventure as a gift

One voucher for all: The broad choice of adventures offers something for every taste. You can simply buy the voucher online and print it out at home. You’d rather gift it inside a tricky riddle box? Order it by mail or set an appointment to come and pick it up.

Print @ Home

Buy the voucher online and print it out at home.

Voucher in a riddle-box

Let the escape adventure start at the packaging! Opening this riddle box to get to the voucher is already a puzzle in itself. The box costs CHF 10 and can be picked up at our location or ordered online.

Order per mail

We’ll send the voucher directly to you in a riddle box.

(+ CHF 19 to the voucher amount)

Appointment to pick up

Come by and collect the voucher in a riddle box at our location to eliminate the postage fee.

(+ CHF 10 to the voucher amount)

Redeem voucher

Redeem your voucher to book your individual adventure right now!