Discover Basel with an iPad!

Head out to the prettiest places in the city and solve thrilling riddles. Discover hidden architectural gems and see long-known things with new eyes. An iPad guides you through the adventure, and the riddle bag holds further utensils. Additionally to difficulty and duration, there are several further customisation options to create the perfect experience for you.

Perfect for the festive season:
Operation Bad Santa – Christmas Market

A magical journey through Basel. Solve riddles and earn crystals that will help you close the magic portal and save the world from evil monsters.

A secret mission in the city: Throughout in Basel, Spider Tech is secretly attacking the city. As secret agents, your task is to solve their riddles and disable their dangerous virus.

Help Oris and stop a powerful syndicate’s hacking attack before it is too late! You get to discover some of the prettiest places in Basel and enjoy a ferry ride.

The cheesy adventure: puzzle your way as a team through the charming corners of the city and then enjoy a delicious cheese fondue in the Cappana AMB restaurant.

Customize your adventure!

Breakout Basel is the only Provider who lets you customize your adventure to your own wishes. While booking the room, you can adjust difficulty or even add your own birthday- or bachelor-riddle. And if you want to make an event out of your booking, don’t hesitate to contact us. We can help you organize your private event or corporate event.

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