Escape experience at the table

We’ll give you riddles!

This meal inspires not palates but brains! Enrico the master chef has secured his most important ingredient with numerous riddles. Now Enrico has disappeared and the visit of the great
critic is approaching! The fate of the restaurant is in your hands!

Team experience

Now you are challenged as a team. You have to work together to find the hidden clues. You combine and solve tricky puzzles. Step by step, you open more and more locks to find the solution. You need sharp eyes and a cunning mind to master the mission. But the time is ticking…
Are you ready to do your best detective work as a team?

Throughout Switzerland available

Number of persons:
up to 10 persons
per game

Duration incl.
1 hour

Up to ten games
possible at the same time
Max. 100 participants

One table – one game

All you need is a surface on which the game can be set up. Ideally, this should be a large table. However, it can also be played on various aperitif bar tables. The game fits into any chosen location.

As many players as you wish

The game is suitable for almost any number of participants. On request, even for groups of up to 100 people. So nothing stands in the way of exciting duels.


Do you have a special motto? You want to present a give-away in a special way? If you wish, we can customise the final reward according to your specifications and give the game a personal touch.


Set-up, supervision and dismantling of the game are part of our service. From start to finish, our qualified team ensures that everything runs smoothly.

from 70 Pers.



from 50 Pers.



from 20 Pers.



up to 20 Pers.


lump sum