How does it work?

The main points

How does a Live escape Adventure work? Important informations about the new trend.


About the games What is a Live Escape Game? Escape Games are the new way to have a fun teamevent! You will get locked in a room (of course there …


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The Game

Instructions – How does it work? GOAL You are locked inside a room and have one hour to escape. Additional goals can be added according to the desired kind of game.

The Live Adventure

Live escape facts
Seconds remain to escape
Birthday Riddles
Keys at Breakout Basel
Stripes on the prison clothes
For you

Breakout News


Throwback: Teamevent

Breakout Basel Teamevent In October of 2019 out team event was enriched by our at the time relatively young partner ProSoludo. Together we strive for a more playful world – …