The mobile Escapegame with Coaching

Resilience helps us to deal with challenges and influences. It helps us to get through extreme situations without affectig negatively our mental health.

Resilient people are better able to stay in balance or return to it. Every person has a basic level of resilience. This level can be increased through targeted support.

Level UP – Resilience is a fun way of exploring your individual resilience factors and raising awareness of them. In the game, you solve various puzzles and overcome challenges according to the escape room principle in order to find the solution together as a team.

In the subsequent professional coaching session, you will discuss your experiences, deepen your knowledge of resilience and find out how you can transfer your findings to your everyday working life.

Location: Basel, Switzerland Surcharge throughout Switzerland

3 -6 people
Duration incl. coaching
2.5 hours

1’740.00 CHF excl. VAT

Areas of application

  • Support for change processes
  • Promoting team building and development
  • Dealing with difficult situations
  • Personnel development & leadership


  • Dedicating ourselves as a team to a common solution
  • Strengthen team collaboration
  • Experience self-efficacy
  • Resilience: getting to know and strengthening factors
  • Transferring knowledge into everyday (professional) life

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