Who we are

The Origin

In 2015, Alex Bammerlin decided to turn a vision into reality. Out of the wish to create a work environment that spreads joy, the first escape room, the prison “Bâlecatraz” was created. In the next few years, four more escape rooms and two iPad scavenger hunts followed.

The teamwork which these games demand was already displayed during the creation of the first escape room: Alex knew that he could count on friends and family. Shortly after opening the Prison of Bâlecatraz to the public, Alex expanded this circle by adding his first of many employees.

Since then, the Breakout Basel-family is constantly growing and changing. Yet, it has always stayed close-knit and warm. Our corporate culture is open and participative, supporting individual strengths. As a growing startup, the Breakout Basel not only offers work for many students, but also the opportunity to apply their unique talents and grow along with the business. That’s why it can truly be said that

We are Beakout Basel

Gründer Alex Bammerlin

Our Mission

We passionately offer an alternative to an often hectic, lonely, monotonous daily life. Our team regularly plays escape rooms together and loves spreading the joy this makes them feel. That is why we pull out all the stops to provide our customers with the shortest hours of their lives. Our goal, that’s the unforgettable children’s birthday. The unifying team event. The carefree family excursion – Our goal is your joy.

New Standards

That is why we never stop working on our offers. For our private customers we offer seasonal events and organise surprises and parties.
For our corporate customers we create individual riddles and experiences, reaching up to whole escape room games. Through this gamification we aim to set new standards for the transfer of knowledge and identity of a company.