Corporate events for up to 250 people!

Your colleagues don’t fit into one escape room? With 6 escape rooms and dozens of iPads, there’s always a way!

Starting at CHF 29 per Person.

Simultaneously in different Escape Rooms

At this duel, all teams play different adventures at the same time. This way, there are no waiting times. Write us, so that we can plan the perfect duel together.

Write us to book such an adventure.

Simultaneously in the Escape Room “Blackout”

In this duel, two teams play simultaneously in our newest Escape Room in the Smart City area. In addition, a high-quality aperitif from Natürlich Unverpackt can be booked. Write to us so that we can plan your perfect event together.

For up to 12 people

One after the other in the same Escape Room

At this duel, the group separates into two teams who play the same room one after the other. The waiting team can spend the time solving small riddles or watching the playing time over a live-stream.

The total duration usually lies around 3 hours. This option can be booked online.

Simultaneously on the Scavenger Hunt

All teams set off at the same time to find and solve riddles and gather the most points.
Thanks to the many different routes, over 100 people can embark on the journey at the same time.

The duration is either 1, 2 or 3 hours.

For up to 80 people, the scavenger hunt can be booked online. If you are more people, please drop us a mail.

Insider Tip: The scavenger hunt can be complet-two-games-per-personely adapted to your wishes! More Infos:

2 Games per Person

At this duel, each person plays two adventures one after the other. Escape Rooms and Scavenger Hunts can be combined.

The total duration usually lies around 2,5 – 3 hours. Write us to book such an adventure.

Everything and Everywhere

Your event does not take place in Basel? Then our Switzerland-wide offers are what you’re looking for!

You’d like a really special, bespoke event for your company? You’ll find inspiration looking at our Individual Solutions.

Lounge Rooms

On top of our escape rooms, there are two big lounge rooms where waiting groups can for example enjoy an apéro. Each room rent is CHF 50 per hour.

Playroom 67

Its courageous color scheme inspires joy and creativity. This is 75 square metres of room to celebrate, eat and play. Per request, professionally led poker- and blackjack workshops can be held.

Party Room

Within these 65 square metres, there’s a lot to discover: The colorfully lighted walls are painted with creative motives and hold practical secrets such as a hidden mini fridge, a fold-out stage and a fold-down bar. Across the whole room, there are exciting riddles to solve and a soccer table makes for thrilling tournaments.

We’ll gladly offer more information to these and many more possibilities to offer your large group the perfect experience.

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