In a Nutshell

One team, one room, one goal

Leaving the escape room before the hour’s up. The pressure is rising, expectations are high. Only if the team works together well will it be able to leave the room – that’s how the riddles are designed.

Did you succeed?
Would you do anything differently next time?

What did each team member contribute? The strategist, the maker, the ponderer, or the critic? How was the communication with each other?
Some of this might seem familiar from working life, doesn’t it? Someone who thinks he knows best and pushes in. Unclear instructions from the teammates and annoyance at at not knowing what to do. Tiresome discussions about the next step or the question about whether it’s time to get help from outside?

Our coaching offers

Business Coaching Classic

A coach helps you reflect your experience. What came to you easily and what was challenging? What does that mean concerning you as a person and concerning your group? Are there varying perceptions?

Team Size: 2-6 People

Escape-Room Duration: 60 Minutes

Coaching Duration: 45 min

Price: all-in-all CHF 499 pro Team

Business Coaching Advanced

In addition to analysing the game, the coach helps you focus on a topic of your choice, such as an already known problem occurring at work. The coach helps you tackle these specific hurdles and translate the learnings into real life.

Escape-Room Duration: 60 Minutes

Duration Coaching incl. goal definition: 1.5h

Price: starting at CHF 750

Contact us for an individual offer

Coach: Martina Valentin

Professional Background

  • Bachelor social work, Diploma social management
  • Certificate in human resources administration
  • Consultant for Group Dynamics
  • Long-standing experience as a case manager in youth welfare, as pedagogical supervisor and specialist at private organisations, the cantonal administration and a national association


  • Convinced optimist
  • Curious, flexible, resilient
  • Fascinated by personal and organisational developments
  • My mottos: “Dare to look” and “better together”.