Explore the secret medieval laboratory!

Bâlechemisten  Illuminaturi –  The Game

THE LABORATORY: The old and creepy lab of the Alchemists of Basel (Bâlechemists) awaits you. In the middle ages, the Alchemists were seeking a secret recipe to create gold. It is now your task to find this recipe. But beware! Bâlechemir, Keeper of Knowledge of the Bâlechemists will not be happy about you snooping around.

THE QUEST: Dare to look for the legendary secret knowledge. But be careful, the quest seems easier than it is: On your way through the lab there will be seemingly insurmountable obstacles to overcome, as well as the medieval riddles of the Bâlechemists to solve. If the knowledge were so easy to gain, somebody else would have obtained it long ago.

THE ADVENTURE: I In the lab of the Bâlechemists there are hidden passageways to find and riddles to solve. Find your way out of the lab of the Bâlechemists and get accepted into the circle of the Bâlechemists. Successful groups will be enlightened – the ones who fail will have to fear eternal oblivion…


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