Compete in teams – only one can win!

The story

Mara Croft, the legendary casino magnate and puzzle lover who disappeared without a trace years ago, designed one last game in her will: Her entire fortune was to go to the team that could solve her ultimate puzzle. Will you be the first to do it?

Your Task

There are clues, cryptic messages and complex mechanisms in every corner of the room that need to be deciphered. Every puzzle you solve earns you valuable points. A game master and an iPad guide you through the various puzzles. Who will be the first to crack the final safe?

A unique escape experience

A thrilling, innovative puzzle game! Between escape room adventure and interactive game show, an exciting competition for Mara Croft’s legacy awaits you – up to three teams can compete against each other at the same time! Perfect for your team event, family celebrations or larger groups.

Medium Difficulty
8-18 People
90 Minutes
up to three teams can compete
Nauenstrasse 67
CHF 45.- per person

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An exclusive game show escape adventure with a moderator and entertaining mini-games!

Bookable online from
Mon-Fri 16.00 – 21.00
Further dates and times on request

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What our customers say:

A whole new kind of escape room!

Although we played against each other in 2 teams, we were ALL winners! It was a great evening and a super experience with a completely new kind of “escape room”. Quick thinking, combining, dexterity and imagination are required. Thanks to everyone involved for the exciting 2 hours!

Florian H., Basel

Not at all “run-of-the-mill”

It was mega cool and, like every time at Breakout Basel, something very special. Not at all run-of-the-mill what you do. You can tell how much heart and soul you put into your programmes. Compliments to everyone involved!

Annina B., Basel

A wonderful team event

Time has rarely passed so quickly. Thank you for the wonderful team event! Puzzles and riddles and a bit of skill, we were well challenged and had a lot of fun the whole time. We’d love to do it again! 🙏🥰

Conradin C., Basel