Food For Thought

Food for Thought


The mobile Game Food for Thought contains all of the excitement, fun and trickiness of an escape room. It brings individual riddle experiences to wherever you want them!


Our default game Food for Thought can be played from CHF 59 per person for up to 100 people anywhere in Switzerland.

We will gladly create your own individual riddle chain, or even an exclusive Escape Room, which caters specifically to your wishes and the chosen number of participants (100+ possible). This helps convey important information in a fun package, so that your company really profits from the experience. The price for an individualised game is determined based on your wishes.

You can find examples of past projects with such exclusive riddle games on our website.


Price for default game Food for Thought

up to 20 Pax: price on demand

from 20 Pax CHF 79.- per Person

from 50 Pax CHF 69.- per Person

from 75 Pax CHF 59.- per Person

Food for Thought - das Spiel
Breakout Box Food for Thought

Food for Thought

Riddle your way through the world of culinary delights in order to find the poisoned food. Only if you as group use your resources wisely will you be able to succeed in time!


Duration incl. moderation: 1h

Capacity: 5 - 10 people per game, up to 10 games simultaneously possible

Difficulty: Medium

Languages: German, English, French

Breakout Box das Konzept