Save Christmas in Basel!

From 23th of November until 23rd of December

The leader of Bad Santa Inc. managed to escape from the prison of the wise elves with the aim of sabotaging Christmas and extinguishing its lights once and for all. It’s up to you earthlings to stop the villain in this outdoor escape game experience. And banish him for life thanks to the supernatural power of “hacking”.

This new skill allows you to sabotage the leader of Bad Santa, as well as your fellow villains (teams of two or more), and immortalise yourselves as heroes of Christmas. But be on your guard, you too can be hacked at any time by Bad Santa or the opposing teams! Excitement and lots of fun guaranteed, you can expect a humid outdoor Escape Game game fun in the heart of Basel

Duration: 150 minutes
Start/End: Breakout Basel, Steinenvorstadt 13
Price: Fr. 49.- per Person (kids from 8-16: Fr. 29.-)
Including: Liechti’s Feuerzangebowle and the special Christmas cup to keep as a souvenir

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