View days left until Christmas Eve

Weihnachten im Breakout Basel

It’s Christmas time

It’s already the second Sunday of Advent and there is only a few days left until the big day and a split of a second later it is New Year!
In Live Escape Breakout Basel we have made it ourselfs already nice and cozy and the Christmas decoration underlines the special atmosphere during your adventure.

Time to say “Thank You!”

The support for Breakout Basel this yeas has been amazing: Setting up the first room and also the big opening event. And afterwards with nearly 1000 exited visitors experiencing the special adventure: Escape from Bâlecatraz.

Thank you to all the helping hands, the supporter and of course the visitors. Without you it would not be possible to offer an adventure as special as this.

Only few open dates available in 2015

Since the opeining the number of visitors on Nauenstrasse 67 increased steadily. For 2015 only few open dates are awailable.

So hurry up if you would like to experience the breakout from Bâlecatraz this year and book your special event now.

Our vouchers (also a perfect Christmas gift) and other exiting adventures will wait for you also in 2016

Best wishes
Breakout Basel