Soon it will start again!

The “summer break” is slowly coming to an end. While we have put our Escape Rooms into summer sleep, we have not been idle. We have been working diligently on the new prison “Bâlecatraz – The Riot“. The prison will open its doors punctually on 2 August and challenge the first prisoners. This will be at the new location in Steinenvorstadt 13.

But this is not all. We are also pleased to be able to reopen two popular rooms at the old location at Nauenstrasse 67 for a few months. This means that “Bâlechemisten – Illuminaturi” and “Bâleteken -Raiders of the lost gold” can go into extension.

By the way: For all outdoor fans: You can also experience our iPad scavenger hunts in July. So why not enjoy the time outside and get your brain cells working at the same time?