Individualised Riddles

Individualised Riddles

As the only ones in Basel, we are offering to work individualised riddles into our adventures. A special birthday- and bachelor’s party riddle can be comfortably added within the usual booking process. Both riddles come with an extra charge of +CHF 35.


Spass für die ganze Familie
das Breakout Basel schickt dich auf eine ipad Schnitzeljagd

Birthday Riddle

Surprise the birthday child (or adult) with a quiz about them. This great surprise shines the spotlight on the birthday child once again.

Bachelor’s Riddle

This entertaining riddle puts the bachelor(ette)’s knowledge about their future spouse to the test.


On request

Scavenger Hunts

Our scavenger hunts cannot only be upgraded by special riddles - on request, we will adapt the duration as well as the starting- and finishing point within Basel according to your wishes!

Further adjustments

On request, we will gladly integrate a quiz to your company or club into our games. Will will even plan the perfect proposal with you.

After a romantic proposal in the Laboratory of the Bâlechemists

Heiratsantrag im Breakout Basel
Escape Game Bâlcatraz
ein ganz spezieller Gefängnisausbruch
Ein ganz spezieller Familienausflug