A Game made just for You

A Game Made Just For You

Individualisation is our greatest strength and your chance to experience a truly unique event - for at Breakout Basel, the customer really is king. Here is a selection of ideas and wishes that have become reality.

XXL-Scavenger Hunt for 230 People

As part of a company anniversary celebration, we have sent around 230 people on an iPad Scavenger Hunt through Basel.

The truly special part, however, is this: Each of the 10 routes included one special task, where the players got to get creative.  So, one group got to decorate cakes, another assembled flower bouquets, while another group got to play real-life Shopping Queen - and so on.

Abenteuer im Breakout Basel
Sympany Grossevent im Breakout Basel! Der Grossevent von Sympany bei uns im Breakout! Sympany Grossevent im Breakout Basel! Der Grossevent von Sympany bei uns im Breakout! Der Grossevent von Sympany bei uns im Breakout! Der Grossevent von Sympany bei uns im Breakout! 
Ipadschnitzeljagd das Erlebnis für die ganze Firma

Time Travel for 100 People at an Employee Meeting

To accompany an exclusive employee meeting fittingly, we have created a voyage through time, which builds on the brands and values of the company. Within two hours, we have sent 100 people on this special adventure.

JTI Firmenevent
Individualisierter Event mit eigenem Escape Game
JTI Spezialevent mit individualisierten Rätseln im Future Look
Individuelles Escape Game für Firmenanlass

Escape Adventure in a Tent for a Product Launch with 60 People

To introduce the newest product of a pharmaceutical company to their employees, we have created a riddle chain based on said product. The theme of the event, “Ascent”, was woven into the riddle chain as well. The event took place in a hotel in Zurich inside of ten tents.

Grossanlass im Breakout Basel
Breakout Box im Einsatz
der Teamevent
Breakout Box im Einsatz
Breakout Box im Einsatz

Wedding Reception for 60 People at Breakout Basel

Manuela and Werner have rented the Breakout Basel experience for a whole evening to celebrate their wedding. Everything was decorated beautifully, and the wedding guests played all of our games until well into the night.

Hochzeit im Breakout Basel
eine Hochzeit mal ganz anders
eine gelungene Feier

Escape Adventure at a Hotel for 180 People

In nine rooms of the Arlberg1800 Resort in Austria, we have let the history of the hotel come alive within a riddle chain. Dressed in Monk’s robes and accompanied by fitting music, the players had one hour to reveal the secret of the Arlberg.

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St.Anton Breakout Basel
Grossevent mit Breakout Box
Breakout Box in St.Anton
Breakout Box in St.Anton