Experienced or new?

Are you already an experienced live escape team, or starting your first game? Family or great student friends? Do you know each other well or are you choosing the game to learn more about each other?

All those questions decide if you can escape or if your team fails.
Breakout Basel is offering difficulty levels to suit your needs.

Enjoy your one hour escape quest in:


Suited for bigger groups (4-6 Participants). It is recommended for at least some of the team members to already have some experience with escape rooms. The challenge is demanding but doable.
Use all of your skills: communication, creativity and teamwork can help you.


Suited for small groups. 2-3 participants - Escape with the familiy. The conditions for an escape are good - However the game is still challenging, without teamwork you will fail.


Recommended for experienced escape room fans. The riddles are logical but very demanding. Your escape is only possible if you are already a team! Use your strengths and weaknesses right and you have a small possibility to escape in time.


Wow - You really want the CHALLENGE! The hardcore version is packed with riddles and challenges. No clue, who would want to play this.... Only Houdini himself has escaped here. If your team should escape, you might want to think about writing a book about riddle-sloving.

Important: Only possible for the Game " Escape from Bâlcatratz"


Ideal for children from 8 to 12 years. Especially recommended if there are no adults in the group. We will adjust the riddles for our youngest customers in order for the children to experience a successful escape. The age-appropriate riddles enable an independent experience, and the kids will receive support when needed.