Bâleteken – Raiders of the Lost Gold

Bâleteken  Raiders of the Lost Gold -  The Game

The Temple: This summer, within an old manuscript from the city library of Basel, the temple of the Bâletecs was discovered. The BoB - research team has been instructed with the quest and sends teams into the cursed temple.

The Research: The journey is risky and mysterious. Can your team defy all dangers and riddles and recover the gold before the temple collapses and the god of the bâletecs laughs at you mockingly?

The Adventure: An old and crumbling temple awaits you! Your task is to leave behind snakes, bridges and dangerous traps behind you to retrieve the long lost gold in the shape of figurines. Become Indy Jay, make the impossible possible and return before everything collapes!

Personalize your Adventure

Breakout Basel is the only provider to offer the opportunity to customize your escape to meet your wishes. No matter whether you want to change the difficulty, plan a company- or team event or would like to personalize a riddle for a birthday or bachelor(-ette)’s party - we are here to help you make the adventure unforgettable.

The Escaped Treasure Hunters

'HALBA FRUENDA 2' fürchten sich nicht vor den Fluch der Bâletheken 'Huin 1' nehmen die Escape Challenge an 'The Makers' sehnen sich nach einen Abenteuer Jon's Birthday Team of excellence feiert eine wilde Tempelparty Bachemlorette geben alles Schulbankdruecker im Breakout Duell soccer brain erkunden den verwunschenen Tempel 

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