Indoor Games

You're trapped inside the famous prison of Bâlecatraz. Follow Walter Skedaddle’s clues to overcome all of the chains and locks or you will stay there forever...

The temple of the Bâleteken has just been discovered. Go on an expedition, flee from the god of the Bâleteken and return as the hero of the temple - Before the temple collapses over you!

Find enlightenment in the medieval lab of the Bâlechemists. Bâlechemir - Keeper of Knowledge of the Bâlechemists will not be happy about this. Escape from the lab and flee from eternal oblivion.


Bâle Royal is the place to be for the rich and beautiful. Inside the exclusive casino, they quench their thirst for luck and thrill. But remember: Where there is gambling, there is also money…

Lately, a lot of people have gone missing at Nauenstrasse 67. Shortly before disappearing, all of them were seen nearby Dr. Bâlekenstein's office, you should have a look there.

Outdoor Games

On this iPad-scavenger hunt through Basel you have to save the world! Find clues, solve riddles and win crystals. They will help you close the magic portal and save the world from evil goblins!

Mankind fears a dangerous virus, which was developed by Spider Technologies in a secret research lab. As agents of the organisation W.I.S.E. you have to destroy the virus!

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