A Very Special Escape Room in the Heart of Zurich

Oris Escape Room by Breakout Basel

FIND THE CONTRACT: Oris was founded by Paul Cattin and Georges Christian in the Swiss village of Hölstein. They bought the recently vacated watch factory Lohner & Co. and, on 1. Juni 1904, made a contract with the mayor. They named their company Oris, after a nearby creek. Since then, Oris and the element of water have been closely connected.

In 1924, Hölstein was flooded. Afterwards, Oris workers had to make the horrible realization that their founding contract was gone! Almost a century later, clues were found that the precious document had found its way to Basel. But even if you find out its exact location, you’ll still have to solve some tricky riddles to get to it!

THE EXPERIENCE: Come to Zürich and experience an hour full of adventure and the art of watchmaking. Additionally to the escape room, other highlights await you: an Oris-drink, the ambiance inside a beautiful historic building, in which the Oris world presents itself and a unique glimpse into the history of the Oris Calibre with a Virtual Reality Experience

BREAKOUT BASEL MEETS ORIS: See what happens when the world of escape rooms merges with mechanical watchmaking. This is Escape Room fun in a real historical ambience.