On the trail of the eagle

Action Bound Scavenger Hunt

Grab your smartphone, scan the purchased QR code and set off to find the eagle, investigate the reason behind its disappearance and save the community of Pratteln from a dark future!

The new leisure fun with the community scavenger hunt!

Launched in 2022, “On the trail of the eagle” is the first community scavenger hunt by Breakout Basel. With the help of Action Bound, this scavenger hunt not only tells an exciting story textually and acoustically, but also offers a tour through the most beautiful areas and sights of Pratteln.

The Eagle

The guardian of Pratteln is the eagle. It has adorned the municipality’s coat of arms since 1928. But…one day it disappeared, leaving nothing behind except an empty coat of arms and a trail of breadcrumbs. The whole community is worried about their heraldic animal, but don’t know where to start looking. This is where you come in! Have we piqued your interest? Then book now and get your ticket to the latest scavenger hunt!