More than just Escape Rooms

There is always a lot going on in the background

Working in an Escape Room doesn’t just mean running games in rooms and making sure nothing gets broken. For some of our team, it also means planning, developing and testing puzzles. Our scavenger hunts need a watchful eye every now and then. A puzzle no longer works or a part of the puzzle in the environment is suddenly gone or painted over. You have to act quickly. Develop a new puzzle, insert it, test it and let the game leaders know that the route is working properly again. From time to time we are also allowed to create special scavenger hunts, and not only in Basel. In Hölstein we run the “Oris Watch Hunt” together with the watch brand Oris, in Adelboden the “Operation Cheese” and in Pratteln we have recently started a scavenger hunt. All these games need their own puzzles, of course, which are being diligently developed by our puzzle team.