About the games

What is a Live Escape Game?

Escape Games are the new way to have a fun teamevent! You will get locked in a room (of course there is always an emergency door that is not locked!) and you will have one hour to escape by using objects, riddles and solutions.

How much time do we have?

You have 60 minutes to break out! Be creative and work together in the team to get out.

What do we have to do?

You have to collect items, identify clues, reveal secrets and break out of the room before the 60 minutes expire. To succeed, you will need good communication, teamwork, power of observation, logic and of course, a lot of fun!

What happens after the 60 minutes?

What is the reward for your success? Of course it’s the priceless moment when everything makes sense and you find the right solution! It’s the feeling that you and your friends were able to prove that you better be called Sherlock Holmes, McGyver or Agatha Christie in the future.

The fastest teams get a place of honour on both our online wall-of-fame and our wall in the room. Your parents will surely be veeeeeery proud of you!

What if we are already stuck in the first few minutes?

Your adventure will be supervised by a game master who can give you hints. So you will not be all alone.

What if something in the room is not working?

We give our best so that everything in the room works. Generally, the rooms will be inspected and if necessary repaired after each group. It is however possible that something will break anyway, you will be able to contact us from inside the room. We fix every problem!

Will we be supported during the game?

Every game is supervised and we can help you if you are going in the complete wrong direction. Nobody gets lost at Breakout Basel, we promise that!

Will I need physical strength?

No. All the riddles can be solved with logic and sensitiveness. If you have sore muscles the day after you have done something wrong.

What group size is appropriate?

Our games are laid our for 2-6 players. But there is a possibility to play several rooms at the same time in parallel. This allows for up to 25 people to play at the same time. Contact us, it can even be more!

We are very experienced Live Escape Room players, will it still be a challenge for us?

Yes, just choose the level of difficulty ‘difficult’ or ‘HARDCORE’ if you think you are Escape experts!

Which language can we play in?

Our rooms are language neutral. Our game masters speak German, English and a little bit French. Our Scavencher Hunts can be played in German or English.

Do I have to be sporty?

You do not need to sporty or particularly fit to play our rooms, but you will need your braincells for it.

Will there be surprises or scary moments?

No. Your puls will only get faster because of the excitement in the game! The only exception being the game Bâlekenstein where you will need a little stronger nerves, as the Room has a few scary moments.

We are 20 persons, can we still play?

No problem! We have several rooms and experiences which can be played at the same time. We have already done events with 250 persons. Also, there is an option called “Duell-Modus” which means that several groups can play in the same room after another and compare their results. Please contact us if you would like to organise an event like this, we are happy to help you out!

I don´t want to be locked inside a room, can this be a problem?

Don´t worry, nobody will be locked in. All our rooms have an alternative exit which is never locked.

We would like to party a little bit. Can we drink alcohol at Breakout Basel?

The games will obviously be better if you are sober. But you can enjoy a drink before or after your game if you would like that! Drinks are prohibited in the rooms, though. But: whoever takes a cup too much can be excluded from the games.


When do I have to be there?

On time ? Preferably you arrive a few minutes before your booking so we have enough time for instructions.

How long does an event take?

The escape itself lasts for 60 minutes. Add the instructions beforehand and the pictures afterwards to your time schedule and you will be fine. All in all it shouldn’t last longer than 90 minutes, though.

We will be 1 person more than planned. Can this person play with us?

Sure! You will pay for the number of players that actually played.

We are 7 players, can we play nonetheless?

Our games are designed for a maximum of 6 players, so we do not recommend 7 players. The rooms will be very crowded and the communication in the team will be restricted during the breakout. But it is possible! There were successful breakouts from our prison Bâlecatraz with 7 players. If you really want to play with seven players just book a time for a group of 6 and add a note during the course of the booking saying you will be a group of 7.

Will I play the game with friends of will there be strangers playing with me?

You will play in a team with your friends. We do not mix groups, don´t worry. When you book a room it´s only for you.

Is there on-site parking?

We do not offer parking at our locality. Close-by there is the Centralbahnparking at Bahnhof SBB (swiss railway station Basel, very expensive). Cheaper but also a little further away you can find the car parks “Aeschen” and “Bahnhof Süd”. In the small streets close to our address there are some parking spots but it’s rather difficult to find a free one straight away.

Is it easy to get to Breakout Basel with public transport?

We are ideally situated 5 minutes from the central station Basel SBB on foot. Alternatively there are the tram stops “Peter Merian” and “Grosspeterstrasse”.

One of the players has broken his/her leg before the event. Can he/she still play with us?

Yes. Three of our rooms are located on the ground floor, one on the first, but there is a lift you can use. In the rooms there are no big obstacles that cannot be passed with crutches. We just ask you to inform us beforehand so we are prepared. Only in the game Bâlekenstein you’ll need to be well on your feet and able to walk.

Are the games wheelchair accessible?

Bâlecatraz and Bâle Royale can be played in a wheelchair. But we do not have wheelchair accessible toilets.

Is there a minimum or maximum age?

You can never be too old for an Escape Room! Everybody from grandchild to grandparents is welcomed. We recommend the games from the age of 8. For the ages 8-12 we also offer a special level of difficulty for children, called “Kinder”. For the scavencher hunts, you need to have one adult per group who accompanies the children in the city.

Do I need special equipment?

You will get everything you need from Breakout Basel. We recommend you comfortable clothing in which you can move around. With outdoor events you should obviously clothe according to the weather. For the outdoor activities you will most likely need a functioning internet connection on your phone.

It´s my mum´s birthday, I would like to gift her an event at Breakout Basel. Do you have gift cards?

Of course we have gift cards! You can also book an individual riddle for birthdays if you´d like that!

What experiences await me at Breakout Basel?

You can choose between outdoor or indoor activites. Outdoors you can play thrilling scavenger-hunts, indoors we offer our Escape Rooms and Virtual Reality Adventures.


How can I book?

It’s very easy: simply choose a date that suits you on our booking page. You can also chose a level of difficulty while booking.

How can we pay?

We prefer cash directly on the day of the event in our locality. Of course we also accept all credit cards, apart from the Postcard. Making an invoice is normally not possible, only with teamevents.

Can I play spontaneously?

It is absolutely necessary to make a reservation. You can do that only until up to 24h ahead of the event. For more spontaneous actions, call us and we will do our best to get a free spot for you.

Can I cancel or delay my reservation?

If you cancel kindly in advance we will be accomodating and will not make you pay for your reservation. We are also open to find you an alternative date. However, if you cancel less than 25h before the event we will charge you 25% of the total price.

After the game

Where can I find the pictures from our event?

You can find your pictures on our Flickr account or on our website. Please be aware that we will need about 48h to upload your pictures.

Any more questions?

If you have any more questions, do not hesitate to contact us directly via info@breakoutbasel.ch, our team is there for you daily.