Follow in Walter Skeddadle’s footsteps and escape the prison!

Only until 30.6.2023!

Bâlecatraz – the Game

The Prison: Bâlecatraz is a creepy place. But the old cell has gained some weak spots with time… Try to escape or stay imprisoned forever.

The Escape: Try to follow in the footsteps of Walter Skeddadle, the king of fugitives! He has already managed to break out – do the same and free yourself from the prison. But remember: It is not as easy as it seems.

The Adventure: The creepy cell and an electric chair are waiting for you. The door is reinforced with massive bars – only a small window offers a glimpse on hope and freedom. A truly unfortunate situation, and not everybody can escape. But all is not lost yet…

Insider tip: Here you are actually chained up! But there is a simple trick to free yourself from the chains…

Customize your adventure!

Breakout Basel is the only Provider who lets you customize your adventure to your own wishes. While booking the room, you can adjust difficulty or even add your own birthday- or bachelor-riddle. And if you want to make an event out of your booking, don’t hesitate to contact us. We can help you organize your private event or corporate event.