Scavenger hunt through Basel

Close the Magic Portal

SCAVENGER HUNT THROUGH BASEL: Become heroes and explore how the real and virtual world merge, bringing to life a fantastic journey across Basel. Armed with an iPad, you as a team look for crystals to close the magic portal. But be aware, tricky riddles, magical trolls and a time limit stand between you and success. Are you ready for this breathtaking journey?

THE PROCEDURE: Is simple. Upon your arrival at Breakout Basel, you get iPads and BoB-Packs. After a short instruction, the journey through Basel begins. Aside from discovering places that even astonish locals, you need to solve riddle after riddle to bring the scavenger hunt to a successful end.

DUEL OVER THE MAGIC PORTAL: Are you better than your friends? Prove it and compete against each other in the duel over the Magic Portal. Up to 40 players at the same time possible.

Operation Mindfall

THE MISSION: Spider Technologies has developed a virus which has already infected 20% of the world’s population. As agents of the organisation W.I.S.E you are sent off to prevent the catastrophe. The virus is taken in through the groundwater and attacks the human brain. That way, any acts of the infected person can be influenced. Save humanity from this dangerous virus!

THE PROCEDURE: Inside the headquarters of W.I.S.E (also called Breakout Basel) you will get the necessary equipment and information. Afterwards, you will head out into the streets of Basel to destroy the evil virus.

DUEL: This adventure as well has the option of competing against each other. Compare yourself with your friends and find out who the best agents are! Up to 40 players simultaneously possible.

Basic Game

ca 70-90 minutes 


from 89 CHF

The usual scavenger hunt for groups without any special preferences. Solve various riddles and discover Basel within 1.5 hours.


Tricky One

70-90 minutes


from 89 CHF

This route is just as long as the Basic Route - the riddles are harder, though. Use all of your thinking power to elicit the secrets of some mysterious places in the city.


Birthday Route

90 -120 minutes


from 124 CHF

This route is double the fun: While you are saving the world, you'll also need to answer individualised questions about the birthday child and their interests. Together, you can become heroes!

Operation Cheese

ca. 60- 90 minutes, exkl. Fondue-Dinner


from 158 CHF

Do you like cheese? Then this scavenger hunt is the right thing for you! Go on a walk through Basel and save the world by solving riddles all about our favourite Swiss food (besides chocolate of course). Become heroes and experience how the real and virtual world melt together like the cheese in a fondue. You are our only hope to save the world from Spider Technologies: Their virus has already infected 20% of the world population. Find the cheesy antidote and enjoy a well deserved fondue-dinner right afterwards!

Long one

 up to 3 hours


from 101 CHF

Immerse yourselves completely into the adventure, discover more cool places and solve more riddles. As the name says, this route is the longest with a duration of two to three hours. Enjoy the extended scavenger hunt through the prettiest places of Basel. Take a rest between riddles on the included ferry-ride. 


Long and tricky One

up to 3 hours


from 101 CHF

This extended scavenger hunt not only takes you to some of the prettiest places in Basel, but also offers a lot of tricky riddles... Put on your thinking caps and comfortable shoes - The ultimate adventure awaits you! Let yourselves be enchanted by the beauty of Basel and its hidden treasures and enjoy a unique break on the included ferry-ride.


Bachelor(ette)'s Route

90 - 120 minutes


from 124 CHF

Become the best bachelor-party-agents in the world! While saving mankind, you'll also get to answer individualised questions about the bridal couple. An optional stop at the pub further enhances your experience. This adventure will make your bachelor(ette)'s eve unique!

Family Route

ca. 120 - 150 minutes


from 89 CHF

Playing outdoors with an iPad - what a great compromise! The Family Route offers the perfect adventure right at the heart of Basel for families with children. Enjoy entertaining child-friendly riddles and discover the city together. In this route, there are especially many and child-friendly riddles and the distances between them are kept short.

Children’s Birthday Route

 90 - 120 minutes, time limit at 180 minutes 


from 124 CHF

At this birthday party, the birthday child and his friends can save the world on a fun scavenger hunt. Afterwards, the party goes on inside our comfortable party room. On request, we will also provide a birthday cake that is designed in the style of the game.



Discover Basel

up to 3 hours


from 99 CHF

The perfect route for tourists or those who want to get to know Basel better. Learn interesting and funny facts about historic places in Basel while solving entertaining riddles. You'll also get to enjoy a ferry ride and discover the most beautiful and famous places in the city. This route is only available in the difficulty "medium".

Special Route

Do you have a specific wish regarding the places and/or riddles within the route? We will be happy to create a route that fits your wishes. Starting Point / Finishing Point / Duration / Difficulty / Additional Services/Price: On request.

Personalize your Adventure

Breakout Basel is the only provider to offer the opportunity to customize your escape to meet your wishes. No matter whether you want to change the difficulty, plan a company- or team event or would like to personalize a riddle for a birthday or bachelor(-ette)’s party - we are here to help you make the adventure unforgettable.

A few Impressions

Schatzis sind wahre Helden Fussballer auf Weltrettungsmission TGA+Urs, Die Hochbauer und the fantastic four retten Gemeinsam die Stadt Familie Wellis erfreuen uns mit ihrem Besuch im Breakout 'Agentateam Staiboeck' 'Murmelitaetscher' spielen Operation Mindfall Duell Blausee bei ihrem Outdoor Abenteuer durch Basel! Phoenix und 'Team 1' auf geheimer Mission