Your Team Event at Breakout Basel


Communicating efficiently and effectively. Dividing tasks sensibly among the group. Being helpful, but leaving room for independence. Appreciating others’ ideas but being able to advocate for one’s own.

These competences are essential at the workplace - as well as in the Escape Room! The Breakout experience is much more than mere entertainment: Teamwork is essential for success!

This mixture of excitement and teambuilding is suited perfectly for team events, as the learnings are experienced first-hand and with an emotional component which ensures that they will not be forgotten for a while!

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Individualised Team Event

Make your team event even more effective by adding an individualised riddle about your company - or book one of our lounge rooms to discuss the experience afterward. Write us to learn more about this offers and book them.


Teambuilding im Escape Room

Successful Teams

Snerlocks im Duell um das BoB Adventure Jail-Tussis im Escape Room Basel Die wilden Hühner im adventure Die Käfig-Affen mit The green mile! und Scarface beim team escape Stücki Jones, Stückianer, k13, The Looosers und Rabbit beim Geheimnisvollen Teamevent im Breakout Basel Die Besseren gegen Adonis im room duell 

2–6 Players

At a size of up to 6 players, you can easily book your adventure with our online-tool.

7-12 Players

At a group size of 7 players or more, we recommend playing the adventure in duel-mode.

Up to 40 Players

For events with up to 40 players we will gladly make you an offer. Contact us per mail or phone.

More than 40 Players

For events with over 40 players we will gladly make you an offer. Contact us per mail or phone.