Operation Cheese

Cheesy Scavenger Hunt through Basel

Do you like cheese? Then this scavenger hunt is the right thing for you! Go on a walk through Basel and save the world by solving riddles all about our favourite Swiss food (next to chocolate of course). Become heroes and experience how the real and virtual world melt together like the cheese in a fondue. You are our only hope to save the world from Spider Technologies: Their virus has already infected 20% of the world population. Find the cheesy antidote and enjoy a well deserved fundue-dinner right afterwards!

Saving the world has never been tastier!


The procedure of the game is simple: When you arrive at Breakout Basel, you will be provided with iPads and BoB-Packs. After a short instruction, your journey through Basel begins. Aside from places that even astonish locals, you will have to solve riddle after riddle to bring the scavenger hunt to a successful end. After the scavenger hunt, you will have arrivde at the restaurant, where you can exchange your ipad for a fondue-fork! Your adventure ends at the restaurant, and you won't need to return any gear to the starting point.


After 1 - 1,5 hours, the scavenger hunt ends at the restaurant Bruune Mutz at the Barfüsserplatz.

Price (for the scavenger hunt incl. fondue-dinner)

CHF 178 for two people

CHF 79 per Person from 3 people upwards


Schnitzeljagd mit Fondue-Plausch