Birthday, Bachelor(ette)'s Party, Team Event and much more

Whatever is coming up: Your birthday, a bachelor(ette)'s Party or organizing a teambuilding event - we have several established offers for events and will gladly customize them according to your wishes. We host events for up to 250 people, combine indoor- and outdoor games, have teams competing against each other and can help you find the perfect restaurant for a well deserved dinner afterwards.


Celebrate your birthday with us or surprise a loved one with a personalized adventure.

Experience a very special birthday party.

Dave's Clan beim Geburtstags Abenteuer Night Fury und Whispering Death feiern Geburtstag im Gefängnis The BB's im Abenteuer spiel 


Ladylicious und the Independents beim Live Escape Abenteuer Game of Thrones und Harry Potter bei der Tempel Escape Quest alexgeburtstag machen Party im Knast 


Children's Birthday

The party for kids. Our Birthday-Package offers everything a great children's birthday party needs.

 Bachelor(ette)'s Party

The perfect party for your soon-to-be-married friend!
Fun is guaranteed here. Be prepared for an unforgettable evening! On our website, you can find further offers regarding Bachelor(ette)'s parties at Breakout Basel.

Luusbuebe und Hangover beim Live Escape Spiel Butterflies poltern durch das Rätselgefängnis Einhorn gegen Zweihorn beim Polter escape 


Sympany beim Knoblen im Live Escape Abenteuer! Sympany zusammen sind wir stark Der Grossevent von Sympany bei uns im Breakout! 


Team Event

Your co-workers won't forget this unqiue team building excercise!

Large Events

You are looking for a great experience for a big group? We've got you covered!

Our big range of adventures, which are combinable with each other, makes us very flexible concerning large group sizes.

Sympany zusammen sind wir stark Sympany aus dem Tempel geflohen Der Grossevent von Sympany bei uns im Breakout!