Break into the casino and find the jackpot

Only until 30.6.2023!

Casino Bâle Royale – the Game

The Casino: Bâle Royale is the place to be for the rich and beautiful. Inside the exclusive casino, they quench their thirst for luck and thrill. But remember: Where there is gambling, there is also money…

The Heist: Only one hour to get everything right: Advance through the illustrious casino, find the safe, grab the money and get out before the cops see you!

The Adventure: Find your way in, navigate your way to the safe, and don’t get distracted by the splendor of the casino. Jack has given you a clear mission: Bring him the money!

This adventure can only be played by people who are 12 years or older!

Insider tip: Connoisseurs of Escape Rooms as well as classic casino games will get their money’s worth here.

Customize your adventure!

Breakout Basel is the only provider to offer the opportunity to customize your escape to meet your wishes. During the booking process you can change the difficulty and even add a special personalized riddle for a birthday or bachelor/ette party.
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