Alex Bammerlin und Alain Arnold

Blackout – A project that would not have been possible without partners

Such a project cannot be managed alone. So why not ask for partners from the region? Each of these partners should show what they are capable of and play to their respective strengths. More than 20 partners from various fields were quickly won over for the project on the Smart City Areal. The various tasks and jobs were tackled with enthusiasm and the result is something to be proud of. Basel’s companies have what it takes! Book now your adventure!

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Extender Reality par Excellence
The planning architects
The walls stand straight as a 1
CAD drawing office
Sees razor sharp right into the last corner of the rooms
Only professionals create walls this beautiful
Only professionals create walls this beautiful
Pictures on the walls that leave you in awe
The ones with the smart boxes – lockers of the future

They can do more than electricity
Communication to the point. The nuts and bolts of the Escape Room
So that the most beautiful canton also remains the most beautiful

Tax/Audit/Advisory/Financial Services

Music to our ears
Our photovoltaic specialist

Does not leave you in the dark

Controls invisibly in the background and opens doors

Where smart things come together

Invisible and professional electrics
The conversion and new construction professionals
Intelligence for artificial intelligence

Smart technology – recognises every move
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