Save Basel from a dark future!

The mission: Imagine: A total power failure in Basel. All the lights are out. Your cell phone? Dead. Your fridge? Sweating. The traffic lights? Black. Pure chaos!
This is the iPad scavenger hunt Blackout! Your mission, should you choose to accept it: Prevent the complete collapse of Basel! But wait! You are not alone. While you and your team run through the dark alleys, other teams will try to hack you, distract you and sabotage your progress.

The process: Simple. You meet at the Breakout Basel location in Steinenvorstadt and receive your iPad and a bag of tools. After a short introduction, it’s off to the dark streets of the city! Solve all the puzzles, find the secret emergency generator and save Basel from certain doom.

The faster one wins: You want to compete with each other? You think you’re better than your friends? Then prove it and compete against each other in a duel! Up to 100 players are possible at the same time.