Halloween Special 2022

Zombie Bâlekenstein

Exclusively on 21, 22 and 28 October 2022

Bâlekenstein‘s Zombies

Once again this year, Breakout Basel is hosting a Halloween special that you can’t miss! This time you have to enter the horror world of the mad doctor and try to save our gamemaster before it’s too late. Meet real-life zombies (performers from ZombieWalk Basel) – and make sure you don’t become a spare parts store yourself.

You have one hour to find out what happened to Bâlekenstein’s daughter and complete his terrible experiment… Or he will put an end to you!

The Zombies of Bâlecatraz

Since the outbreak of a zombie virus, Bâlecatraz prison has never been entered again. Do you dare to explore this cursed place?

You are handed to the zombies like on a silver platter – break out of your trap before it is too late!

There are only 4 slots per game per day – secure yours now!

Escape games have never been so scary

Get ready for a bloody thrilling hour. The zombies are not to be touched. (And don’t worry, they are vegetarians).

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