Halloween Zombie Special 2020

Exlusively on 30. October 2020

They say Dr. Bâlekenstein never got over the death of his daughter. But nobody could have fathomed how far Bâlekenstein would go trying to get her back to life. Enter into the horrible world of the lunatic doctor. Meet real-life zombies (professional actors from ZombieWalk Basel) – and be careful not to join them!

Nothing’s as it seems!

Could the inconspicouus Dr. Bâlekenstein have something to the with the disappearances of the last few weeks? After a death of a close family member he has somehow changed… Puzzle yourself through his secret lair and discover the terrible truth!

1 Hour

You have one hour to find out what happened to Bâlekensteins daughter and bring his terrible experiment to an end… Or he will end you!

The first scary Escape Room in the Region of Basel!

This Escape Room is nothing for weak nerves. Prepare for a bloody thrilling hour. You will only escape this nightmare by working together… And making sacrifices.

All participants must be 16 or older.

This Escape Room requires climbing and crawling.

Do not touch the Zombies.


CHF 300 per group