Bachelor party

Your Bachelor’s Party at Breakout Basel


You are celebrating a bachelor’s party? We’ve got you! Choose the perfect challenge for your party group among our many adventures - whether you want to save the world on a scavenger hunt or rob a casino in our escape rooms, it’s all possible! But that’s not all: as the only ones in Basel, we offer to build a personalised riddle about the bride or groom into the experience. This option can be added within the usual booking process.

Escape Room Bachelor Parties!

Breakout to Bennie at the adventure game Alex und ihre Angels streiten um die Gunst der Alchemisten Labormäuse beim Polterabend im escape room Cinderella und Pink Princesses beim Gefängnis Flucht Abenteuer Michel gegen Amstad im Polter escape duell Mir gönd no lang ned hei waren noch lange im Gefängnis... 

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